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Clifden Science Fair

On the 11th of April, 14 schools around the area went to Clifden Town Hall for a science fair run by Declan Holmes. Leenane N.S (aka; us) did a project on ‘why does salt melt ice’. There were no places eg; 1st 2nd 3rd but each school were given a certificate with the name of the school and saying congratulations. If you were wondering why salt melts ice it’s because it lowers the freezing point of water.

School Trip To The Beach

The pupils at Leenane national school went to the shore in Leenane to collect fish. The pupils collected many types of fish. Like Sand hoppers Sand gobeys and Crabs lots and lots of Crabs Small crabs and big crabs. After a while of searching for fish the pupils let the fish go. It was a great day.


This month, Declan Holmes from Science Ireland visited the school and presented us with a Microbit. “What is a Microbit?” A Microbit is a system on a chip. On the front panel there are two buttons, One is called button A, and the other is button B. Also on the front there are 25 LED lights. On the back is all the important stuff such as a  a light sensor, a temperature sensor, a compass, radio and a lot of pins. The Microbit was invented in England, by the BBC. It was invented to be given to children in England, but now anyone can purchase them on Ebay for 20 euro. You can also program your Microbit to do various tasks.

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